APL 1444 Da Imagem de Nossa Senhora do Monte, em o Lugar de Duas Igrejas, Termo de Miranda

A little over a mile westwards from the town of Miranda we can see a hamlet of Two Churches, where there stands an imposing temple dedicated to Our Lady, and inside there is an image which people call Saint Mary of the Mound, or Our Lady of the Mound. It is common tradition that this image had appeared in that same place to a little shepherdess. They further say that Her appearance had taken place on top of a shrub of genista, which in those parts they call broom.

The little shepherdess told the inhabitants of her hamlet, and they all came to see and revere the Mother of God, and they intended to take her, as they did, to their church, which they already had inside the hamlet, and build a chapel for her inside it. However, the Lady disappeared from there, to reappear where she was first see. After this happened several times, they followed her will and build a church in that place, "laying it in such a way that the altar of the Lady, which is the largest, would stay over that same broom.”

The author complains of the lack of a register for the miracles said to be performed by the image. He refers to an event registered in 15.VIII. 1665: the altar was struck 

by lightning at the end of Mass and the celebrant dies. The image falls from her shrine, standing between the altar and the community, thus sheltering the community attending mass from any harm. It is understood that the priest, having just received communion, would go straight to heaven.

AGOSTINHO DE SANTA MARIA, Fr. Santuário Mariano , Imperitura, 2007 [1711] , p.tomo V, parte III, Ch. XXII, pp. 627-630
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